A lot of companies don’t worry about TCPA violations because they think lawyers only go after the big guys. That changed this week, though, thanks to a new service called Robo Revenge. Now, anyone with a smart phone can go after any caller. If you use any type of online lead generation, this is a massive issue you can’t ignore any longer.

tcpa violations cause businesses major headachesFor years, consumers have been the casualties of the battle for new business, and their irritation with calls from dialers leaving messages, spoofed numbers, 1 dial rings, or other fraud has hit a high water mark. Before today, though, they haven’t had really effective ways to fight back except. Sure, they might use blacklisting apps or ring only contacts, but that hasn’t really hurt the pockets of most companies.

But the new Robo Revenge service offered by DoNotPay is definitely something they’re going to use to fight back. The whole idea of the app is to file a file TCPA violation lawsuit against unwanted dialers. It’s literally available at the click of a button. Download it on Android or iOS and an average consumer is on their way to getting those fines directly in their pocket.

So while you used to think that those big lawyers with their fat class-action suits weren’t coming after you, now you have to worry that 2020 will not only see record-breaking numbers of TCPA lawsuits, but that those suits could hit you, no matter what size company you are. Call it a new era of peer-to-peer lawsuits, or socialized justice or populist litigation. Whatever name you like, you won’t like it when it comes knocking.

Of course, if you have proof of consent that you can use to verify that that individual actually asked you to contact them, you won’t even need a lawyer.

So it’s time – now – to make sure you have the best proof of consent available with SecureLead. It costs the same or less as you pay now to verify those leads (and if you don’t use anything now, it will cost you a lot less than it saves you), gets you in contact with real human leads quickly and protects you from the lawsuits that are headed your way.

Want to make sure you’re protected? Help is just one click away!

And then check out that app – you might just want to use it yourself!
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