TCPA Compliance Can Be Easy - with SecureContact!

Nothing racks up attorney’s fees faster (or gives you a bigger headache) than when you call people you can’t prove asked you to. Your compliance officer calls it “proof of consent” and if you don’t want to get slapped with a TCPA violation, you need it yesterday.

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SecureContact Reduces Risk of Litigation

Fraudulent leads typically use real information from hacks and data breaches that are bought and sold on the dark web. Because the actual person did not submit the lead, contacting them is a TCPA violation – and those fines can get expensive fast. SecureContact makes sure that you can prove that everyone you contact asked you to.

And Provides Evidence That They Asked You to Call

When a human user fills out a form, all their interactions are recorded and turned into an action-replay movie. If they ever dispute that they requested a call, you have that video PLUS other meta-data like device type, timestamp, browser engine, and so on as proof that they asked you to contact them. Your compliance officer calls it “proof of consent” and it keeps you out of legal trouble.

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Since Speed to Lead is Essential, SecureContact Reports in Real-Time

SecureContact sends you your evidence within seconds. That means that you’ll only be calling real leads from now on, saving you time and effort.

And Minimizes the Risk You Get with Purchased Leads

Your lead generation affiliates get traffic from multiple sources. If any one of those sources has fraudulent traffic, your leads could be fraudulent. Remember, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. SecureContact gives you the strength of security.

Are You a Small Business with Less Than 150 Form Submissions per Day?

If you run a small business, you still need to be compliant. We built a self-serve version of our enterprise product to help small businesses know which prospects to pursue – and get that information fast!

If You Have More Than 150 Form Submissions per Day, You Need Our Enterprise Solution

If you get a lot of leads that you want to turn into prospects and even future customers, you need our “extra strength” SecureContact. Whether you want to set things up manually or connect with an API, we’re ready with a solution that can be set up in just a few hours.

Your IT department will thank you for finding a solution that doesn’t give them a headache. And your sales team will thank you for the extra profits!

TCPA Compliance is All About Proof of Consent

At the click of a button, SecureContact provides you with evidence that a prospect asked you to contact them. The image here shows you an actual video of a real human filling out a form.

Delivered along with the video is a host of metadata to back it up – all of which your attorney will need to get the TCPA violations you’re being charged with dismissed. (They’ll keep your compliance officer happy, too!)

Make sure you protect your profits and your prospects by getting the proof you need with SecureContact.

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