A Leader in the Fight Against Fraud

Oxford BioChronometrics is the only lead-protection company that can detect sophisticated fraud in under 1 second with high accuracy.

That means no more false positives and no after-the-fact statistics.

Whether it’s protecting and validating impressions, clicks, leads, conversions or purchases, we secure the entire demand gen funnel to protect profits and save companies from litigation.


We Help with TCPA Compliance

If you’re doing any kind of online lead generation, you know that TCPA violations can get expensive. With SecureLead, we keep you out of trouble by keeping the fraud away. That means you can increase the ROI of your campaigns by only pursuing real human leads.
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Improve Ad Performance

Ad fraud is too costly to be included in “the price of doing business.” We give you the data and tools you need to see where your money is best spent – and  how to get it back from partners who don’t deliver!
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Increase Your Speed to Lead!

Don’t waste time chasing down fraudulent leads. SecureLead can tell the difference between hacked data that’s been entered by a fraudster and a real human being actually trying to get more information.
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Scale Your Campaigns with Clean Data

Scaling your campaigns isn’t easy or cost effective when 10% to 20% of  your leads are fraudulent – and those numbers are normal. Ignoring fraudulent clicks and leads and removing them from your optimization models enables you to scale the way you’ve been wanting to, but couldn’t because you couldn’t accurately identify the fraud. We solve that problem for you.
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