All our products come with an intuitive, easy to use dashboard so you can keep track of everything  you need to.

Provides proof of consent and verifiable data
proving that your form was properly completed

  • on a specific time and date
  • in a verified location and
  • on a specific device

What Our Clients Say

Oxford has transformed the way we look at our traffic. Bots are a top concern of ours and nobody has taken a stance against sophisticated and malicious fraud tactics like Oxford BioChronometrics.

John L. at - SecureLeads, SecureAdAssurance

Oxford Biochronometrics has given the peace of mind that our content is being read by real live people. Their ability to pinpoint dozens of data points for each individual pageview has allowed us to analyze our traffic more quickly and efficiently. It has also helped us identify fraudulent traffic and take the necessary steps to weed it out.

Eric K. at -

I don’t normally take the time to write a review for a plugin, but I wanted to here because I think that Oxford has FINALLY solved a giant problem that has been plaguing us for years, WITHOUT ticking off our website users. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hate Captcha with a passion, but I hate spam bots even more. With one plugin, you’ve managed to slay them both.

A Happy SecureForm User
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