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Let’s face it, the biggest thing standing between you and great ROI from your lead generation campaigns is fraud. Driven by bots filling out your forms, invalid traffic costs you time, money and performance.

Not only will it save you money, it will protect your ROI. Just scroll down for our ROI calculator to see what fraud costs you – and how much you’ll save with SecureLead!


Purchased Leads are Risky

Your lead generation affiliate gets traffic from multiple sources. If any one of those sources has fraudulent traffic, your leads could be fraudulent. Remember, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Check your traffic thoroughly before you put your business on the line.
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Leads Validated by SecureLead are Real Humans

Take control of the quality of your leads from each affiliate. SecureLead lets you identify the affiliates that perform well – and the ones supplying fraudulent leads. Only pay for real human leads.

Speed to Lead is Essential! SecureLead Reports in Real-Time

SecureLead flags fraud in under 1 second. That means that you’ll only be calling real leads from now on, saving you time and effort.

Filtering Fraud Lowers Costs

Save money by instantly reporting fraudulent leads to your affiliates. The savings you get are usually much more than the cost of fraud detection. It also means your call center staff won’t get yelled at when they wind up calling a phony lead – that will improve their work quality and morale, too.

Find Your ROI with SecureLead

SecureLead saves you much more than it costs.

Just enter your own numbers below for how many visitors your site gets per campaign (or month, or whatever else you’d like to measure). Then enter your cost per click (CPC), percentage of conversions and the level of fraud you’d like to test as a percent (our default is the industry minimum standard 10%, but you can change it to anything you like).

This calculator uses our actual pricing to estimate what you would pay and how much you will save. Exact prices depend on exact volume.

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