SecureLead Use Case

Staying with Bob and his mufflers. Bob has now expanded to 500 locations around North America. He wants to create lead lists to proactively attract future customers.

At first he buys these lists on line but when his sales people call, there is no answer, or if there is the person claims they never signed up to be called and threatens to file a lawsuit because they are on the National Do Not Call list.

So Bob wasted his money on the leads, his employees are not happy getting yelled at when they make calls and now he has to pay a lawyer and fines!
So Bob calls back Oxford BioChronometrics.

His Ad campaign now links to a lead form or chatbot which has the SecureLead code embedded. This code determines if a human or bot fills out a form and where that form was really filled out. As the forms convert to leads, each is marked with a bot or human flag and a location flag.

Now Bob only pays for human leads in the proper geo targets, his call center employees are happier, more time is spent speaking with actual potential customers, both saving money and making more sales, and his risk of violating the law are decreased.

Everyone is happy except for Bob’s lawyers, and isn’t that the way it should be?