Jeff has a members only blog. Jeff gets 1000 new members a day and thinks he’s doing great!

But Jeff is seeing tons of spam so he decides to use a captcha code to prevent the spam and invalid users.
But now he sees the rate of his real users decline.

They cant see the code on their phone, they keep getting the question, “how many cars do you see” wrong, so they give up. Maybe the codes are tough or maybe his users have certain disabilities, but using Captcha, (or ReCaptcha) his spam remains the same
but he has no more viewers. With no viewers his advertisers drop him.

What can Jeff do?
Jeff downloads the NoMoreCaptchas plugin to his WordPress, Drupal, .Net, Joomla or PHP website. Spam stopped, Bot registrations stopped, Humans are happy they don’t have to fill out those annoying codes and sign up to Jeff’s blog,
Advertisers now love him because his site shows ads only to humans!

NMC also is valuable for travel sites, tickets sites of all kinds or any site that uses Captcha codes to prevent views of subsequent pages
And to prevent Bots viewing (or stealing) data.