SecureCheckout Use Case

Bob is still growing and has decided to sell automotive accessories and Bob’s Tire and Muffler merchandise on line.

Sales start great, but then the credit card chargebacks start coming. Bob has shipped the merchandise, but not only has not gotten paid, he owes his bank $30 for each bad transaction!

What Happened?
Like many mid-size businesses Bob takes payment on his own site using a third party payment provider using an API. These sites are a target for credit card fraud.

For example, a hacker steals the credit card information from a store or bank of 100 million credit cards. These cards then get validated by the use of automated programs (Bots) to see if they are valid before being sold on the black market. These charges can be small and spread amongst hundreds of websites but the damage adds up.

What can Bob do?
Bob again calls Oxford BioChronometrics. Code is embedded on the payment page of Bobs website. The code examines if the payment information is being filled out by a human and if the address matches where the form is being filled out.

If it’s a bot or a bad location, the form is marked for an additional review before being processed. Now Bob can deliver his merchandise knowing he will get paid, (and not owe additional bank charge back fees).