SecureAd for Impressions Use Case

Carries Candy has just introduced a new candy bar line and wants to tell the world! So they will do a brand awareness campaign of Video, Banner and Pop Up ads to let everyone know how great the new candy is. They have a budget of one million dollars per month for one hundred million ads, Carries Candy uses a large agency which has its own ad server.

Carrie tells the agency that she wants the entire world to know about the candy, but she has heard about ad fraud and wants to use Oxford Biochronometrics to detect it.
Global agency contracts with every network and website that accepts advertising and starts showing ads.
The ads are everywhere, all the time and Carrie is excited!
But sales do not follow.

Carrie reviews her Oxford BioChronometrics dashboard and reporting tool.
First she sees that bots have viewed 35 percent of her ads, not people. Carrie runs a report to see that 3 networks had 80 percent or more bot views and tells her agency that the ads can not be shown on those networks and that she must have a refund for those invalid views. 35 million ads where shown to Bots.

Next she realizes that Carries Candy only has stores in the US, Canada and the UK but 25 percent of the ads are shown in other countries. So Carrie asks her agency to limit the geographic distribution to only those places where her candy is sold. 25 million ads where shown out of target.

Now sales are increasing, but Carrie decides to take it a bit further, how about targeting mobile devices that are in proximity to a candy shop during opening hours?
Sales are up and 100 percent of her 100 million ads are showing ads to humans in the right locations at the right time!

In this case Carry has not only saved half of her ad budget, by correctly targeting relevant persons and eliminating bot fraud, sales have increased.