SecureAd for Clicks Use Case

Bob’s Tire and Muffler chain with 50 shops advertises with Google AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Bob has a budget of $100,000 per month and has no real idea if the ads are effective.

Bob hires Oxford BioChronometrics to help understand his ad spend.
First Bob creates a dedicated landing page for each campaign and social media network, including Oxford’s code on that landing page. Now he can see which source drives the traffic.

Breaking down the sources we can see that Google AdWords provides the cleanest traffic at 11 percent bots, 89 percent human, while Twitter is over 50 percent bots. So the first step is to adjust the ad spend among the networks to maximize human views.

Now Bob goes a bit further, are these view coming from areas where he has his repair shops?
Bob sees an equal distribution among geographic zones, so he optimizes his campaigns to target a 30 mile radius of each shop. Things are getting better, but still can improve. Bob reviews the Keyword list from the reports section of the Dashboard, his number one hits come from the key phrase,(which cost $2.50 per click)
“Bob’s Tire and Muffler”.

Now that result is the number 1 return, he also can quickly check and see it is also the number 2 return on Google.
If he removes the paid keyword, “Bob’s Tire and Muffler” moves to number 1. Digging deeper he sees “Bob’s Tire and Muffler Chattanooga” “ Bob’s Tire and Muffler Main Street Tallahassee” are paid keywords that also would be the number 1 returns even if he did not pay Google!

Now Bob has optimized his ad spend, is using the best networks to target humans in the correct areas with the correct keywords.
Sales have increased on a decreased ad spend and he can use that extra money to open up new locations.