Terms and Conditions for Report Purchases

Distribution Restrictions

You may not copy or redistribute any purchased Oxford BioChronometrics report. All reports are numbered/watermarked PDFs. You will be held responsible for payment of any copies of your report found in the hands of others or in any type of circulation.

Affiliate Benchmark Purchase Rebate Offer

Should you decide to become a client of Oxford BioChronometrics after purchasing the report, you will be entitled to a rebate of up to $100 per month for 5 (five) months up to the total purchase price of $495.

The monthly rebate does not carry over from month to month. For example, if your invoice in month 3 is 50 USD, then the maximum rebate credit shall be 50 USD. The total amount of refund available over the entire period will then be a maximum of 445 USD.

If you have any questions with regard to purchasing an Oxford BioChronometrics report, please contact us at info at oxford-biochron.com.