SecureReview Now Open for Beta Testing

Following the successful launch of SecureLead and its TCPA-compliant Proof of Consent form capabilities, we are happy to announce that SecureReview is ready for client testing. It’s the next big step in stopping digital fraud.

SecureReview prevents Bots and Click Farms from posting phony reviews about your products and services. Fake reviews erode trust in your brand and expose you to litigation. More legislation is coming that will penalize companies that benefit from fake reviews, so contact us today to be among the first to test this new compliance product.

Keep your entire sales funnel bot-free. Your human customers will thank you – and so will your bottom line.

SecureReview for Online Reviews

What is it?

Custom code to deploy on review submission forms to prevent bots and click farms from submitting fake reviews.

Who needs it?
Every platform and website that publishes customer reviews of products or services.


  • Reduce fraudulent reviews submitted by bots and click farms.
  • Increase transparency – ensure users that all reviews are by actual humans.
  • Avoid litigation – companies are being held increasingly accountable for posting and publishing fake reviews.
  • Early compliance – legislation is being written to establish stricter penalties for publishers of fake reviews. It’s more cost effective and better PR for those who comply early.


  • Review submission forms.

How to deploy
Include our detection tag (JavaScript code) directly on the page with the form you wish to protect.

Upon request.