What is it?

Custom code to deploy on lead generation forms to detect fraud, offer indisputable proof of consent and provide higher level of analytics and transparency.

Who needs it?

  • Advertisers
  • Lead generation companies
  • Lead form specialists
  • Anyone who is paying to reach new clients


  • Provide indisputable proof of consent.
  • Reduce call center costs.
  • Reduces potential litigation and other adverse compliance issues.
  • Geotargeting analysis detects VPNs and determines that the person filling out the form did so from the stated location.
  • Eliminate paying for invalid leads created by Bots.
  • Enhanced analytics provides compliance to ensure person filling out the form did in fact fill out the form.
  • Eliminates click farm lead submissions.
  • Increase bottom line revenues.


  • Lead Submission Forms
  • Contact Forms
  • ChatBots

How to deploy
Include our detection tag (JavaScript code) on the target form and enrich the tag with the lead IDs.

One cent per query, one cent per year (per query) for storage.