SecureAd for Clicks

What is it?

Custom code to deploy on websites, home page, custom dedicated landing pages, conversion pages or all pages of a website to detect fraud and provide higher level of analytics and transparency. This is particularly helpful with Search and Social.

Who needs it?
Any or all companies or persons that advertise on line or operates a website.
All companies that use social media or search for digital advertising.

Benefits for Advertisers

  • Reduce Bot fraud, reduce Geo Fraud, reduce publisher fraud.
  • Increase transparency, see where ads are being displayed, by whom and on which source and device type.
  • Optimize geo or device distribution, retarget locations, optimize time of day where ads get highest level of return.
  • Target best publishers, networks, devices and geo location to maximize ROI, expand reach and save money.
  • Create dedicated lading pages for each campaign to determine which campaign or social media platform provides highest ROI
  • Optimize search keywords and search providers to see where conversions happen and target the best ones to get better returns and higher income.

Benefits for Publishers and Website Operators

  • Increase advertising rates by ensuring clients are only paying for views by humans in the proper geographical regions.
  • Provide enhanced transparency and analytics to advertisers on website.


  • Homepage
  • Custom landing page
  • Video
  • Pop ups, pop unders

How to deploy
Include our detection tag (JavaScript code) on the landing page(s), or homepage.

Fifty cents per hundred queries with a scale down to twenty five cents per hundred queries at volume.