A Good Solution Gets Better with Time
The way we measure behavior, certainty improves with increased use.  The more user-device interaction/behavioral data collected, the more effective the e-DNA becomes.


Behavior is the Key, Not Hardware or Puzzles

By scrutinizing real-time behavior, e-DNA User Authentication can determine if a user is permitted to access something without ever breaching their (or your) privacy.

Know who your users are, not just who they claim to be.

e-DNA User Authentication distinguishes bots from humans and humans from each other based on hundreds of behavioral data points users don’t even notice they make. We let in who and what you want, and keep the rest away based on the digital signature created by the user’s behavior.
We call this identifier the user’s Electronically Defined Natural Attributes, or e-DNA and it is the new proof-positive of user identification and authentication.

Typical biometrics require multiple different angles/captures of a physical attribute to attain a high degree of confidence.

Behavioral biometrics relies on collecting enough behavioral data from different “angles” (time, activity, sensory data, etc.) to produce a confidence level that the user is who they claim to be.  Thanks to the high level of complexity of understanding and mapping behavior, e-DNA User Authentication is highly secure with many added benefits

Comprehensive Network Security that’s User Friendly

Unrivaled user verification without making your users carry additional hardware or endure arduous challenges.

Seamless, Continuous Security

Passive, always on security – users need only interact with their device for continuous identity validation.

Works on All Platforms and Devices

e-DNA authentication is device neutral and works across any platform.

Privacy is Essential

No user names or personal information is ever learned or stored.  We identify how they behave, not what they are doing. User profiles are kept under alphanumeric codes which are passed back to the client. Only you ever know who your users are and their privacy remains in your hands.

How It Works

Behavioral data is acquired via a collection script embedded in the webpage or app the user is visiting.  The script relays as many data points as possible from a given device to servers which perform the analysis.

There are no additional steps/challenges to complete because the collection code and back-end processing are invisible to the user.

Flexible and Scalable

For more details on how to secure your network or community with e-DNA User Authentication