Everyone has a Bio-Chronometric Signature

If you need to know who posted a transaction, a blog, a comment, a tweet or a video, you can be sure that they left behind a Bio-Chronometric Signature

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Oxford Biochronometrics launches NoMoreCaptchas.

  • 1Bio-Chronometric Signatures are algorithmically derived from, never-to-be-repeated, bio-chronometric markers that we leave when we use a PC or smart phone, and can not be copied.
  • 2HTML5-capable Web-Browser or Smart-Phone App is all that is required to detect a bio-chronometric signature. No special client-side software is needed, making bio-chronometric signatures almost universally detectable.
  • 3Always-On Authentication is a cutting-edge feature of bio-chronometrics, enabling every keystroke, mouse-click or screen-touch to be validated in realtime for systems requiring High Authentication Assurance, marking the end of the (flawed) concept of "Authenticated Session".

Based on research at the University of Oxford, Bio-Chronometrics are a giant leap forward in online identity

Oxford Biochronometrics is the creator of the Bio-Chronometric Signature, algorithmically derived from bio-chronometric markers that can not be copied. They are created when a person interacts with almost any modern computing device that can accept human-initiated input.

In 2012, researchers from the University of Oxford decided to commercialise their research, making an extraordinary advance in the field of Online Identity Management.


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Online Identities

Linking Online Identities to Real People

Using cross-correlation of bio-chronometric signatures, identifying the person behind the online identity is what makes this such a powerful technology.

Tie multiple accounts (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google et al) to a bio-chronometric signature, and then watch where else the signature appears, such as buying a DVD or ordering a Pizza.


Online Banking Fraud Continues to Rise in 2012

Malware and Phishing, the two engines of cybercrime, continued to cause significant losses in 2012, however, both are fully detectable when using bio-chronometric signatures to distinguish between genuine customer behaviour and that of malware or phishing.


Reliable Cross-Corelation Means Suspects Can be Tracked

If you can correlate multiple online identities into a single bio-chronometric signature, then you can track suspects no matter where they are, what device/IP they are using or how many accounts they have.

There is no technology more powerful, without being invasive and high risk.